My Journey 

   It’s been said that one of the greatest testaments to the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is its ability to change lives. I am one who experienced this change firsthand. 
   An Atheist for many years, I accepted the notion that from an Atheistic world view (how one understands and interprets the world around them) there wasn’t an objective standard for the meaning of life. The Atheist explanation for reality, Matter+Time+Chance=our existence, left a hollow feeling and lack of purpose that begged the question, “What’s it all for”?  This feeling caused me to search for an answer.
   A friend of my wife’s family challenged me. He said, “Jeff, if you want to know if God exists, ask God to show himself to you. If you are sincere, and you are willing to listen, He will”. This is a classic ‘Faith’ challenge, written about in The Bible; “Seek and you will find” (Matt. 7:7 and other places). This led me to pray for an answer – and it didn’t take long for God to deliver. In a dream lasting less than 10 seconds, what happened to me was one of THE MOST REAL moments I’ve ever experienced.
   Since then, my life changed, radically. I began to study The Bible, go to lectures, joined a church and other activities of faith. All have shown me that God is real, The Bible is the Word of God and there IS a reason for life. My outlook was also transformed and I began to see how I could use my talents, as an entertainer, to communicate and share what I have learned as a believer. I pray often that God will grant me opportunities to do just that!